Dr. Laurie Samuel

Cupid's Sting

“They have taken a leadership position in the work to help prevent gender based violence. Their support for organizations like Cupid’s Sting demonstrates how much they care about making our community safer.”

Paul Sirpal

Financial Planner

“Santos and Vicente don’t shy away from problems. They are always available to meet with residents to tackle the difficult challenges we face in Brampton. They listened to our concerns and came up with ideas to help us make the neighbourhood better. This is what we need in our city, representatives who work.”

Rob & Tania Meikle

Kingdom House Christian Centre

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with community leaders that believe and support the community transformation for the whole family with inter-generational impact.”

Fozia and Peter

Occassions Treats Parlour

“Rowena and Paul have been there for us, especially when we needed their support the most during the pandemic. They care deeply about our community and help push and promote small businesses like ours to be successful.”

Mian Nadeem

Business Owner and Community Advocate

“Councillor Santos and Vicente care about our communities. They stand in solidarity with us and have been strong advocates for diversity and inclusion; they support the mosaic that Brampton is known for, and we thank them for their support.”

Ivan Macri

Brampton Resident

“Safety is a top priority for Santos and Vicente, and their strong support for creating the City’s first Safety and Wellbeing Plan is just one part of their work– they also have focused on local resident requests to build safer streets and neighbourhoods– a testament to their desire to be strong representatives in Brampton.”

Jacinta & Grant Wingrove

Local Residents

“When it comes to community engagement, we find that Paul and Rowena are, without a doubt, the most present Councillors; they work hard to bring out the community to make positive changes.”

Hardam Mangat

Community Advocate

“Building strong relationships between all governments is one of the most critical roles for our Councillors. Santos and Vicente have been exceptional leaders especially in their capacity as Directors at the boards of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, where they have served the residents of Brampton very well. We have benefited immensely from their advocacy as evidenced by over $600 million raised for infrastructure and other critical projects in Brampton.”

Poonam Batish

Small Business Owner

“A team of Councillors that have tirelessly advocated for the business community, in particular during the Pandemic. Their leadership helped Brampton to navigate the troubling times and our city is now poised for success, particularly small businesses.”

Abiola Idowu

Multi-Media Artist

“A great city must have a vibrant arts and culture scene. Councillors Vicente and Santos have led the way to strengthening the arts community so that we can enhance the mosaic that is Brampton, a canvass that is alive with colour and beautiful sounds.”

Bill Godfrey

People Against Littering

“A clean, green city is right and necessary, and it takes work to make it happen. These Councillors just get it and they roll up their sleeves at every opportunity to bring people together and build a culture of good stewardship. We appreciate their efforts to beautify Brampton!”